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Background and disclaimer

EuCIA is the Brussels - based leading Association of the European Composites Industry, representing European National composite Associations as well as industry specific Sector. More than 10.000 companies and an estimated 150.000 employees are actively involved in composites production across Europe.

The composites industry is characterized by a large number of small manufacturing companies that produce composite products in small series or even as unique products. The clients of the composite industry include large multinational companies in the automotive sector and composite products are used in large building and infrastructural projects. The suppliers of the composite sector are also mostly large companies.

In all sectors the pressure on sustainable performance is increasing. National and European initiatives (like the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Guide) promote the development of standards and product specific guidelines. More and more the suppliers of materials and components are asked to come up with detailed information on the Life Cycle performance of their products or components. The industry that produces the end products uses Life cycle Assessment (LCA) data to improve the environmental performance of its products. More and more this information is used in external communication. This means the accuracy and reliability of the information is becoming more and more important.

However, development and use of LCA’s in the composite industry is low and is lagging behind in comparison to other sectors. The traditional method of making LCA’s is time consuming and expensive: it requires special software and/or specialized consultants. For a small company this is not affordable, especially as products are very diverse and production series small. Also the data available in LCA databases is far from up to date.

One of the focus areas of EuCIA is the contribution that composites can contribute to a more sustainable society. In 2014, EuCIA has initiated a project for the development of an Eco Impact Calculator for composite products. For the project a steering committee was put in place, with representatives of the national composite sector organizations.

The main objective of this tool is to provide the possibility of making a reliable calculation of the ecological impact of a composite product. The tool calculates the environmental impact of a composite product from cradle to gate. A unique feature of this project is that the tool can be used throughout Europe by all composite manufacturers to generate an Eco Report, without the need of a deep know-how of Life Cycle Assessment processes.

EuCIA requested Ernst & Young Climate Change and Sustainability Services (EY CCaSS) to develop the tool in cooperation with BiinC. In the development of the Eco Impact Calculator the ISO 14040/ 44 and additional standards and guidelines were used for guidance and to support quality and reliability. The relevant background datasets were taken from the databases in the SimaPro software, supplemented by data from other datasets and industry data obtained by completed questionnaires. The environmental impact is expressed in Carbon Footprint, Cumulative Energy Demand and ILCD 2011 midpoint+ (v1.09) / EC-JRC Global, equal weighting methodology. For a full report about the used methodology and background data, please read the EuCIA EcoCalculator Background report.

Legal disclaimer

This application is intended to serve environmental information purposes only. The information provided with this Eco Report Creator-application is not intended as an absolute advice in any way. The information in this application is composed with continuous care and attention by EuCIA. However, EuCIA cannot give any legal warranty or accreditation as to the accuracy or completeness of the outcome of the application. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information of this application. EuCIA is under no circumstances liable for damages of whatever nature, in anyway resulting from the use of this application or resulting from or related to the use of information presented on or made available through this application or damages resulting from the non-availability of this application.